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As consumers evolve into more informed and empowered individuals that’s having a profound impact on how they define what it means to be well –– and the steps they're taking to attain those ideals.

In response, the pursuit of wellness has matured and mutated to reflect this new paradigm. Its fluid nature, shifting and splintering to create new sub-categories and establish disruptive concepts.

The pressure is on to differentiate yourself in this increasingly complex market and move quickly to cater to a more demanding and educated customer. Are you clear on the trends that will set you apart?

With the future of health and wellness continuing to point towards a more individual and informed approach, brands are being forced to reinvent the wheel and create new narratives that spark sustainable engagement. This requires you to explore fresh perspectives and position yourself

more effectively for the future.

This 60+ page report sheds light on how your brand can better understand the trends shaping consumer behaviour and the wellness industry at large. This includes a desire for a more a more balanced, reflective and ultimately enjoyable form of wellness –– and how intuitive brands are creating a new narrative to spark positive behaviour change and engage new customers.

The report will also support you to create more innovative methods that enable purpose-driven consumers to navigate this new evolution of hyper-consciousness with efficiency and ease ––

a sweet spot in which wellness brands have the opportunity to thrive.

Innovation is key to success. Are you exploring new shifts? Are you converting insights into strategies that will see you leading, rather than following?

Compiled by our team of trend experts, with support from Welltodo’s network of thought-leaders, industry veterans, disruptors and innovators, the Welltodo 2020 Consumer Wellness Trends Report uncovers and interprets insights into key consumer trends like next-gen personalisation, the demand for a more intuitive, reflective and diverse approach to mental wellness, the evolution of conscious consumerism, monetising loyalty and the role your business can play in creating one single, connected, wellness ecosystem.

If you aren't tracking these trends, you run the risk of missing enormous opportunities as the $4.5 trillion industry (GWI) continues to grow.

Designed to spark a powerful conversation about the business of wellness, this report will help you to connect more meaningfully with the consumer of tomorrow and enable you to stay ahead in what is now a multi-trillion dollar industry.




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8 Consumer Trends That Will Shape Your Business

Gain access to Welltodo’s unique perspective on the 8 key consumer trends that will impact the trajectory of the global wellness industry over the next twelve months and beyond.

Key Insights Impacting the Future Of Wellness

We'll explore trends, innovation and industry developments that will impact the direction of your brand not just right now, but also into the future.

Global Developments That Affect You Right Now

As well as spotlighting the consumer trends impacting the business of wellness this year; we've explained how and why this impacts you on both a local and global scale.


Discover more about the current impact and future of these trends:

The New Wellness Warriors

Driven by a rise in unrest towards the lack of recognition the industry has for individual motivations towards the pursuit of wellness, a counterculture of disaffected consumers has become a powerful agent that's fueling a move towards a more balanced, reflective and ultimately enjoyable form of wellness . Discover more about how this impacts your business.

In Search Of A Wellness Ecosystem

For the consumer of tomorrow, the expectation is that they will receive what they want when they need it. The ultimate form of convenience will rest on the notion that wellness shouldn’t be a bifurcated practice, but instead exist within the common frameworks found at home, work and recreational spaces. Discover more about how this impacts your business.



Having evolved from a ‘nice to have’ to what is increasingly being considered not only a priority but an urgency, conscious consumerism is shifting from a mindset to a lifestyle. Wellness brands that can help consumers navigate this new evolution of consciousness with efficiency and ease have the opportunity to thrive. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

From Self-Care To Self-Improvement

The self-care movement has shifted from occupying a reactionary position, relied upon by those searching for moments of restoration and regeneration to cater to the needs of a generation navigating a ‘no days off’ culture, social media inflicted models of perfection and the constant pressure to improve. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Mental Wellness For The Modern Age

Consumers want the products or services they invest in to be an expression of their personal values and a projection of their individual desires, even when associated with more serious or sobering issues such as mental health. Demanding that brands approach mental wellness in a more intuitive, reflective and diverse way, identity-driven consumers are no longer satisfied with one-size-fits-all solutions. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Direct To


Born out of an era of instant gratification, direct-to-consumer brands are capturing the market, based on their convenience, agility and speed. By providing innovative solutions for the digitally native and empowered consumer, these disruptive upstarts are cultivating both engagement and advocacy. And its transforming the way health-conscious consumers shop. Discover more about how this impacts your business.

Next-Gen Personalisation

As consumers’ expectations of how wellness brands can cater to them on a bespoke level have risen, in conjunction with enhanced data collection and technological advancements, the category is being pushed towards a tipping point. What started out as basic fitness tracking and goal-oriented nutrition plans has mutated into something much larger. Discover more about how this impacts your business.



In an age of unprecedented choice, cynicism and high expectations, it’s never been more challenging to cultivate loyalty. And once a brand has it? One misstep can see it all come crashing down. Today’s power-driven consumers aren't afraid to take a stand if they're not happy with the way a brand is serving them, and they're certainly not shy about vocalising it. Discover more about how this impacts your business.


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